Dr.Web for Android 7.0: Now even more effective

The company "Doctor Web" has released a new version of the antivirus for Android. Dr.Web for Android 7.0 is designed to protect mobile devices against viruses and spam, downloading unwanted or dangerous content, and possible theft of confidential data.

The new version has several useful features, such as Dr.Web Cloud Checker. This module checks the contents of the site, located on the links are opened in a standard web browser for Android. Data is transferred to a specialized company's cloud service, which determines whether the target site is safe and whether it is in the category of resources that are not recommended for a visit. If the URL is in the database of undesirable sites, access to the page is blocked. The user can specify the subject of resources, access to which he wants to ban.

What else is new in the Dr.Web for Android 7.0? In the setting of an antitheft component can specify an email address to which the server if necessary, will be sent an unlock code. In addition, it is possible to simply disable this feature. The new version, users can also send information about false alarms and suspicious files to the Dr. Web lab.

Dr.Web for Android 7.0 can be downloaded from the official website or Google Play.


The activities of malware Flame undermines the reputation of manufacturers of anti-virus programs

Mikko Hypponen (Chief Research Officer for F-Secure) found that antivirus developers have suffered a complete fiasco. What are the benefits of their products, if viruses circulate freely and work over the years? Flame malware successfully spied on users at least two years, and this is an optimistic estimate! Mikko

Hypponen - a renowned expert who is working on developing antivirus for more than 20 years. In his time he has seen the most dangerous virus outbreaks, including Loveletter, Blaster, Conficker and Stuxnet. So he knows whereof he speaks. Video of a recent speech Mikko Hypponen at the conference TED Talk watched over half a million people!


Flame - this is not the first incident that points to the archaic and ineffective traditional model of antivirus programs. "Flame was a failure for the antivirus software industry - says Mikko Hypponen. - We really should have had the opportunity to do something. But we did not have such an opportunity. We are faced with an opponent from the other league, in our own game."

Reasons for Flame could not find out for years, are clear: any antivirus software running on the basis of signatures, as the virus did not get into this database, it will not be detected. At the same time, developers of the virus Flame done everything possible to avoid detection (eg, Flame check for virus on infected computers).

Thus, the reliability of commercial antivirus is highly questionable. Especially the bad thing is that the antivirus gives users a false sense of security.

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